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Video Samples and Contents

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La Meta de Chango


Disc 1

Interview with Daniel Alfonso


Daniel speaks about

  • how he learned to drum
  • cabildos in Cuba
  • the history of Aña in Matanzas

Oro Seco

(as played at the

Cabildo Santa Teresa

in Matanzas, Cuba)


Introductions and toques (rhythms) for

  • Elegua
  • Ogun
  • Ochosi
  • Inle
  • Babaluaye
  • Osain
  • Orisha Oko
  • Orula
  • Agayu
  • Chango
  • Obatala
  • Yewa
  • Obba
  • Oya
  • Ochun
  • Olokun & Yemaya, with La Meta de Chango

El Lenguaje del Tambor:



The drummers talk about

  • how the drums talk
  • why new priests are presented to the sacred drums
  • ichavoro and ichavori
  • the role of the drummer in the religious celebration
  • what it means to be sworn to the sacred drums
  • learning the language of the drums

El Lenguaje del Tambor:



The drummers illustrate the language of the drums with

  • Aluguanche
  • Pa' la calle
  • Ayakuta
  • Ala dide
  • Comarita
  • Orichan pagua
  • Bonko igualoro
  • Chaku malecun
  • Enitologuo
  • Iba Ochun guainlele

Interview with Esteban

"Chachá" Vega Baccallao


Chachá talks about

  • his start with Los Muñequitos de Matanzas
  • "Little Africa," where he was raised
  • the history of Aña in Matanzas
  • the difference between Matanzas and Havana styles

Disc 2


Okonkolo Technique


Tutorial and demonstrations

Itotele Technique

      Tutorial and demonstrations
Iya Technique       Tutorial and Demonstrations
The Dynamic of the Drums       Daniel describes the energy a drummer adds to technique
By Rhythm, By Drum      

Daniel plays Okonkolo, Itotele and Iya for each of the 19 rhythms of the Oro Seco

3 camera angles focus on the front, inu and chacha

Choose the toque, then choose the drum

The Close      

Daniel describes how a tambor with Aña is closed.

The three drummers play the Close Matanzas-style

  • Ibejis
  • Oya
  • Elegua
  • Orole, Somugaga & Agolona de Yemaya

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